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Sale & Purchase

Century Shipping & Trading’s Sale & Purchase provides comprehensive services, from contracting newbuildings to second-hand sales and demolition. Our Sale & Purchase activities cover all of the following ship types:

●  Bulk Carriers & Mpp and General Cargo Vessel

●  Crude, Product and Chemical Tankers

●  Container Vessels

●  Offshore & Special Project 

●  LNG and future green type


Our experienced and dedicated S&P team has extensive shipping knowledge and provides clients with reliable consultation and up-to-date market information. Each broker offers quality and tailor-made services to clients, according to their specific needs and requirements.

We have very strong relationships with the Chinese and other Far East markets, as well as with customers from all over the world, with whomvarious Sale & Purchase deals are concluded on a regular basis. This provides the company with a competitive edge in the market since it helps to bring substantial volumes of business to its clients from areas of growth.


The company has long-established relationships with first class shipyards of China engaged in the construction of bulk carriers, tankers, container ships, offshore and other specialised vessels. 

Based on our comprehensive and up-to-date shipyard information we are able to guide our clients towards the most attractive newbuildingopportunities, price levels, competitive yards for different type of tonnages, and provide general market views. This includes negotiations, contractualand post-contractual discussions, which will culminate in the vessel’s delivery.


In this highly volatile market, Century constantly keeps clients well-informed of the practices, payment and delivery procedures and yard spaces in the major demolition markets throughout the world. Our expertise enables us to offer our clients the best possible price and delivery terms while minimising their risk.